Interactive App Games on Video Wall in VIA Year-end Dinner Party

VIA’s annual year-end party was held on January 16th, 2014 to celebrate the dedication and hard work made by all colleagues of the VIA family over the past year. On display was an eye-catching 15-panel zero-bezel architectural VIA Video Wall broadcasting content designed especially for the event and powered by VIA MagicView™ digital signage software. The set up provided a stunning centerpiece to enhance the onstage entertainment and accompany the good food, music, dancing and rewards.

Also featured were some interactive technologies developed by VIA which added an extra dimension to the video wall. As guests arrived they had the chance to utilize an app which allowed them to send wishes for the New Year and congratulations to fellow employees in the form of floating balloons directly to the massive wall in the dining room. This was a fun way to share the cheer throughout the evening and provided a great test case of how this could be used in weddings and other receptions.

VIA AirTalk, our suite of wireless broadcasting technologies, was also used to send messages throughout the evening to everyone who had download the app from the Google Play store or Apple store, keeping them abreast of the schedule as well as receiving thank you messages for their contributions.

To top off the evening, the top brass of VIA were invited on stage to participate in an interactive game on the video wall. Utilizing the VIA joystick app, which allows phones to interact directly with the video wall, contestants squared off in groups of three to whittle the field down to the finale. As the final two vigorously shook their phones the audience cheered on to see who be crowned the victor.

The VIA Video Wall and interactive apps truly added a lot of excitement to a wonderful evening and demonstrated how these new technologies can be utilized to drive interaction and enhance engagement beyond the screen.

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