Digital Signage @ Embedded World

At Embedded World 2014 held in Nuremburg, Germany, last week, we gave visitors a preview of two new digital signage systems we plan to launch later this year.

The VIA ARTiGO 1400 is a fanless, low-profile x86 system powered by the VIA QuadCore processor that supports up to four displays. At the show, we used the system to run a multimedia mash-up of PowerPoint presentations, movie clips, and image files created with our own VIA MagicView™ software. With its dynamic and colorful displays, it certainly caught the attention of visitors.

Many of the customers we talked to see the VIA ARTiGO 1400 as a robust replacement for unreliable PC-based digital signage systems, which are prone to break down under stressful 24/7 deployments. They also remarked that the system has great potential among SMEs looking for reliable solutions for business applications such as videoconferencing.

The other new digital signage system on display was the forthcoming VIA ARTiGO 900 system featuring the new VIA VAB-1000 board. Targeted at graphic-intensive Android applications, the VIA ARTiGO 900 delivers rich multimedia performance in an ultra-compact form factor that fits in even the most crowded spaces.

The arrival of new systems such as the VIA ARTiGO 1400 and VIA ARTiGO 900, combined with easy-to-use software like VIA MagicView™ and the continued decline in panel pricing, is opening up interesting opportunities for creating innovative new digital signage applications and expanding the overall size of the market. Please feel free to contact us to learn more about our growing range of solutions.

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