Taipei Zoo Video Wall Rental Solution

Earlier this year, the Taipei zoo introduced an adorable baby panda, Yuan Tsai, into their family which created an overwhelming reaction from the public eager to welcome the cub. Looking for ways to enhance experiences and engagement beyond their LED billboards, the zoo approached VIA to install a temporary 4 x 4 video wall to share a video diary of the cub’s time in the zoo with the record crowds expected during the local schools’ winter break and Chinese New Year holidays.

Utilizing sixteen 46” zero-bezel industrial grade panels and a VIA MW Series Video Wall Controller, the VIA Video Wall team worked with the zoo management to design a video wall installation which would offer maximum impact and engagement with the crowds. With the use of VIA MagicView™ content management software, VIA helped design the layout and schedule the content to be displayed on the wall, adding in scrolling text and important notifications in addition to the video diary.

During the design stage VIA also proposed the inclusion of large tent to provide shelter for the visitors from the seasonal weather which proved to be a huge success.
The two week rental period was a resounding success with visitors as they gathered to enjoy the story of the cub on the stunning display.
  • Increased engagement
  • Improved atmosphere and queuing experience
  • Increased customer satsifaction

VIA Video Wall Rental Opportunities
As the digital age races forward, we are witnessing a growing number of opportunities for the use of pop-up signage to enhance experiences and increase engaement in scenarios such as corporate events, trade shows, marketing events, press conferences, weddings and festivals.

We are excited about these new opportunities are looking for partners to join us in fulfilling the demand for these new markets.

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