Big Screen Gaming on the VIA Video Wall

The technology news site TweakTown visited the VIA Video Labs just the other day to take a look our latest Video Wall setup.

VIA Video Wall solutions provide the flexibility to arrange screens in any required geometry. Inside the VIA Video Wall Lab we have two demo walls set up, one is a 15 panel video wall and the other is an 8 panel video wall in our popular fishbone design. VIA MagicView™ software is used to lay out how available video content is shown across the screens, through an easy to use drag-and-drop interface. Besides playing back pre-recorded videos, the wall can show live recordings, or screen capture from an external computer. All it takes is connecting the video source with an HDMI-in cable to the VIA MW Video Wall Controller server.

TweakTown finished their review with a deeply philosophical question, wondering whether they could play Crysis on the video wall. Challenge accepted! Anthony, stop by anytime to give it a go.

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