Natural Foods Shopping Experiences Come to Life

Walking around the streets of Taipei, one thing that stands out is the explosion of digital signs over the past year. Whether you are browsing the latest fashions around Taipei 101, strolling the aisles in the local grocery or just waiting on the side of the road for the bus, everywhere you look there are screens competing for your attention. With the increasing affordability of signage systems and the rich content they provide, screen proliferation is booming and examples of what works and what doesn’t are in abundance.

As the digital era rushes on and merges into every facet of our lives, the boundaries between the digital and physical world are rapidly disappearing. Screens are playing an increasingly important role as they provide the all-important window into the digital world. Digital signage provides one of the missing pieces necessary to transform public spaces and equip them for demands of modern society. Traditional brick and mortar stores represent one segment which is wholeheartedly embracing the signage boom as they look for ways to breathe new life into the in-store experience. A growing challenge is how to blend the use of signage naturally into environments to enhance experiences rather than just become another piece of white noise which gets tuned out.

A great example of how signage can elevate an in-store experience when used correctly comes from a recent installation of ours. VIA was approached by the Kingmori group to install a suite of digital signage into their first “First Super” natural foods boutique in the heart of Taipei. Specializing in providing high quality organic foods sourced from around the world, the Kingmori group is passionate about which products are chosen for their shelves, including a number of products from Japan such as specialty soy, sesame and other types of sauces. Other popular products include sausage and “rou song” or shredded pork fiber (a popular staple in Taiwan) sourced from their own free range pig farms where they are able to ensure the proper care, diet and health of the animals used.

In order to bring each product’s unique story to life, they were intrigued how they could leverage technology and successfully blend digital signage into the store design to provide interactive touch points that would engage customers and enhance in-store experiences.

In order to effectively communicate these stories to customers during a visit, four 55” displays, each powered by a VIA ARTIGO A1150 media player, were installed in strategic locations. When combined with VIA MagicView™ content management software, managers were given a simple way to design layouts as well as schedule content to be streamed to each screen in their store’s signage network.

With a goal of creating experience zones within the store, careful thought was put into where each installation would be placed as well as what type of signage would be most effective. Starting in the storefront, a semi-transparent screen which allows physical products to blend into a dynamic digital presentation was chosen to entice passersby and draw attention to featured products. Upon entering the shop, customers are greeted by a digital menu board which displays delicacies available to purchase from their snack bar as well as daily offers within the store. In the back corner, where the store offers healthy cooking classes to members, videos of their guest appearances on popular Taiwan cooking shows play for recipe inspiration using ingredients found in the store. To round out the experience, an interactive touch screen is located in the center aisle linking customers to their website where they can find out detailed information on any product as well as receive product suggestions to match different health needs.

The “First Super” natural food store provides a unique look at how a company can successfully leverage the benefits of technology while staying true to their core values. By including a variety of digital signage at key locations within the boutique, Kingmori has successfully fused the digital and physical worlds together to enhance the overall customer experience and provides a great example for others to follow.

VIA Smart Cities