Meeting Room 817 – Welcome to the Meeting Room of the Future

At long last the renovations on our meeting room 817 are complete, with the final results exceeding even our own lofty expectations. The project has completely reinvigorated the space, transforming the original museum-like feel into an inspiring, energy filled room conducive to creative thinking and discussions.

All the time spent planning the integration of the technology into the room has paid off delivering a nice balance between design and functionality. The crisp, bright image the 2×2 video wall delivers really enhances presentations and creates a nice focal point in the room. The setup is much more user friendly and helps to clear away much of the cable clutter we had before. The way the three 42” digital signs blend into the space are far more effective in delivering key messaging in the room compared to the litany of static demos we had before. They also provide a way to keep the room feeling fresh just by changing the content displayed.

Overall, this project has been a great experience and provided us with a real-world environment to really put our technologies to the test. The enthusiasm and support from the various departments involved has been tremendous and the immediate feedback has already begun filtering back into improvements in their existing products and planning for future designs.

We will keep pushing the boundaries of how we can leverage the screens and various technologies in the room to achieve new results and continue to share our results with you. If you happen to find yourself in Taipei make sure to schedule a meeting to check it out for yourself.

VIA Smart Cities