Augmented Reality Comes to Bus Stops in Taipei

As digital signage pops up in more and more locations around cities, advertisers are looking for ways to leverage the creative capabilities the screens present. Recently, VIA has installed two interactive digital signs to be used for advertising at busy bus stops in the heart of Taipei.

To promote the launch of the new 2015 Toyota Yaris in Taiwan, a creative augmented reality advertisement is running at the two locations. Video cameras stream live footage of the intersection to the screens and when a pedestrian comes within range of the integrated motion detector, the Yaris ad is triggered to play over top of the live stream, bringing chaos to the streets of Taipei.

Live traffic is streamed to screen

When motion detected ad is triggered

Chaos Ensues… 

 … watch out for the Shoe!

Drive away to Safety in your Toyota Yaris

And everything is as it was

The ads are currently running at the Dunhua-Nanjing bus stop in front of Asia World and down the street at the Bade-Nanjing stop. If you are in Taipei be sure to stop and check it out for yourself.

VIA Smart Cities