How to Improve Productivity in your Meeting Room with High-Tech Signage

A room with a large table, a white board, and maybe some complimentary coffee. For years, if not decades, this was the enduring image of the conference room. It was just the way it was—the way we did business the world over. We got together in a boring room, scribbled ideas and plans in erasable marker, and tried to cultivate discussions.
That is all changing.

Signage, Multimedia Messages, and the Future of Business

The way we hold meetings is under construction. Many progressive minds have preferred to eschew the conference room altogether, instead holding meetings at the gym, in the park, or on the golf course. Others have rearranged their office space to hold party-like pow-wows with their entire team.
But the most exciting change to the modern conference room, the innovation that will spark collaboration and boost productivity like never before, is high-tech digital signage.

What Is Digital Signage?

You have seen it, even if you never truly noticed it. Digital signage is everywhere: in coffee shops, at bus stops, in movie theaters. They are interactive touch screens, or perhaps poster-sized boards scrolling content with stunning visual effects. They are adaptable, able to display any kind of content, from videos to e-posters.

Small business owners and savvy advertisers caught on to the movement long ago, and now signage is being brought to the conference room.

Creating a Culture of Engagement with Signage

Conference rooms are a central component to everyday business. And they are often the first place you bring potential partners and clients. A well-designed conference room breaks down the traditional structure of a meeting, eliciting ideas faster, getting everyone involved, and above all leaving a lasting impression with visitors.

With digital signage, you can adapt your content to fit certain moods and reach people on a deeper level. For example, retailers might use a 2×2 video wall to display e-posters of their products. To elevate the energy level, they might then change those e-posters to product videos, and finally switch back to static images to tone down the energy and start discussing their pitch with potential or current clients.
This multimedia approach attracts and retains attention better than any other method. As content marketers will tell you, a photo is better than a paragraph, an infographic is better than a photo, and a video trumps them all. When combined, the effect is multiplied.

With high-tech signage, you connect with people on an emotional level, and that is the holy grail of business.

Dynamic Communication Hubs and Tailored Messaging

One of the most valuable attributes of signage is the ability to repurpose content and tailor messages to different audiences.

When your goal is to show value propositions to interested clients, you can amp up your presentation with scrolling images, or dim the lights in the conference room and turn to videos. You can even use interactive touch screens to give your visitors the power to check out your content at their leisure, as soon as your meeting has finished.

For in-house meetings, you can adapt your content to engage your employees. The change in environment alone sparks bright ideas. Colorful images surround the central desk. A high-definition video board unites co-workers during video conferences. Music plays and lights soften or turn up at your command with the help of smart, easy-to-use software. The days of white boards or PowerPoints are gone. With high-tech signage, your employees will feel like a cohesive unit rather than a team being led.

An Attainable and Affordable Solution

Digital signage lets you tell stories in a memorable way. It turns the traditional meeting on its head, spurring on creative thought and interaction, linking people quickly and boosting productivity.

While this futuristic vision of conference rooms might seem to come with a mountain of gadgets and instruments, in reality they are light on clutter, easy to set up, and more affordable than ever. But let us save that for another post. For now, let this be a primer. Soon we will go into detail about why now is the perfect time to embrace signage and redesign your conference room. Then we will give you some ideas on how to build your new conference room and talk about the ROI you can expect to see. Stay tuned! 

VIA Smart Cities