How to Make Your Own Meeting Room of the Future

A spark. A flicker. The beginning of an idea. Maybe that small smoldering idea grows into a great big bonfire, or maybe it fades out like so many do.

Innovation does not always come easy. Creating clever marketing plans that grow your brand means coming up with lots and lots of ideas. And you have to work for those ideas, often putting yourself in the right environment to think, to develop solutions that fit your company.

For many, incorporating digital signage into a meeting room is a game-changer, the flint that lights the match, allowing us to look at old content or stalled out ideas in new ways.

Getting Started with Digital Signage Is Easier Than You Think

While the idea of revamping your conference room with video walls and touch-screen panels sounds enticing, the fear of not knowing where to start, or whether technology even suits a business like yours, might be holding you back.

Now that we have discussed the reasons to upgrade your conference room and introduced the technology that is available to you, we want to offer kickstarter ideas for businesses in a few different industries to build upon.

Marketing and PR Companies

Digital signage enhances scheduled meetings, group planning sessions, and even impromptu collaborations—for example, a digital signboard can be set up to scroll through your past campaigns, keeping success stories fresh in mind and giving you something to draw on in the present.

But signage is perhaps most valuable as a tool to use when meeting with potential or current clients. With a multi-panel video wall, you can screen high-definition multimedia presentations that blow the slideshows of the past right out of the water. As we have mentioned before, with the help of integrated software, you can time the lights in your room to dim or brighten at key moments, evoking the mood you want to evoke.

Above all—and this is so important for marketers—when combined with a minimal setting, digital signage keeps the focus on your content rather than your surroundings.

Tech and Software Companies

All of us in the tech business share at least this one thing in common: we like to show off our gadgets. And when you tuck away the wires, power sources, and wall players, your inventions take center stage.

When we redesigned Meeting Room 817, we hid the bulky items inside our conference table. It was easy to do (although it did take a little head-scratching), and now our room appears wire-free to visitors. That is important because we can turn their attention to the digital signboards on the walls, the touch screen, or the products on display shelves.

Digital signage not only adds to the design but infuses energy and excitement to a room

Food and Beverage

When food and beverage professionals decide to beef up their conference room, they should first think about desk space. Rather than the traditional long conference table, install a small U-shaped table. Then, when you are having a video conference with your partners, place your products in the center of the U, making them the sort of nexus between you. With the high-definition video walls available now, your products will seem practically real to them.

Retail and eCommerce

With brick-and-mortar retail in decline and eCommerce on the rise, success nowadays demands out-of-the-box solutions and big ideas. Tearing down the traditional meeting room model will not only invite creativity, but help instill confidence in your team.

Install video wall posters, or maybe a 55” touch-screen panel, to surround your team with your products—the fruits of their hard work. With the touch-screen, you can freely shuffle through some of your best ideas.

And if you run a brick-and-mortar shop, you can combine video walls in creative ways. For example, using VIA MagicView™ software, you can display easily manage and schedule different content on each screen in the room. Or you can branch out from the typical architectural designs and put together panels of different sizes to form unexpected shapes. That will impress your visitors, providing you the golden opportunity to make your products feel more like you want them to feel.
The Possibilities Are Endless

This is just the start. Any business in any industry can incorporate digital signage into their conference room to suit their brand. That is the beauty of technology: it adapts to you, it works for you, and in so many unique ways.

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