Smart Shopping Breezes into Taipei’s Fashion District

This week a whole new shopping experience was unveiled in the busy Xinyi fashion district of Taipei as we have collaborated with the new Breeze Center to create the shopping mall of the future. As a first step, we have installed a rich mix of high-impact video walls and digital signboards in high traffic areas throughout the 4 floors. Combined with VIA MagicView™ content management software enables the convenient delivery of content at the right time, in the right location to maximize engagement with shoppers.

To further enhance the smart shopping experience, VIA AirTalk BLE technology will be integrated throughout the mall to facilitate the delivery of tailored messages directly to shoppers’ smartphones through the Breeze center app. This will create a personal concierge-like service which will allow for location specific information to be relayed, such as top selling products, store information, wayfinding, and special promotions, focusing shoppers’ attention on unique opportunities as they stroll through the mall.

Building on our past experiences, VIA is creating the blueprint that will seamlessly integrate the convenience of online shopping into the traditional brick and mortar environment, creating an unprecedented interactive shopping experience for customers.

Dual screen video walls keep customers up to date on promotions as the ride the escalators
A giant 3×3 video wall welcomes shoppers as they enter through the adjoining tunnel from the City Hall bus station
Video walls have been placed in high traffic areas to engage with shoppers throughout the mall
Storefront signage adds an interactive level of engagement to the shopping experience
VIA Smart Cities