IKEA Xinzhuang Digital visual art solution

A simple poster cans light up whole room. VIA digital signage provides a 55” full color display kiosk that just likes a delicate classic poster on your wall, clean and shine. Even reading news could be such wonderful experience, but this time you won’t be limited to show just one poster by the wall. Wall is alive now, just put every posters you like on that board.

In our living room, we all need a TV which not only could create a comfort zone to bring us together but also deliver some fun topic to entertain family members. The 3X3 TV wall in IKEA Xinzhuang just like a TV you treasure the most. Low-profile but super-narrow frame design with low reflective coating material LCD digital signage billboard, make you just can’t quit it. The only thing lacking now is a remote. 

IKEA emphasizes the sense of life, “for the majority of people to create a beautiful life” as a vision. As the flagship store in Taiwan, IKEA Xinzhuang is the stage to represent the idea of life interpretation, focus on the harmonious and comfortable attitude to create a gentle and happy experience.

VIA Smart Cities