VIA AirTalk™

Quick info

VIA AirTalk™ comprises a suite of wireless broadcasting technologies including sonic sensing, Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi, and 3G, which enables the creation of location-specific networks in restaurants, stores, museums and galleries, transportation hubs, and other spaces that deliver tailored information to a user’s mobile device, opening up exciting new opportunities to liven up experiences with new kinds of interaction and participation.
With the ability to directly engage with customers through their smart phones the moment they enter an establishment, VIA AirTalk™ enhances customer interaction beyond signage, by delivering special offers and promotions, product information, interactive games, social media sharing, wayfinding, and other personalized services – all based on an individual preferences.

VIA AirTalk™ App Development

VIA provides turnkey app design and content integration and management services that integrate VIA AirTalk™ wireless technologies to enhance interaction with mobile devices. Customers can also integrate VIA AirTalk™ with their existing app by using an SDK package provided by VIA as well as take advantage of in-house software development expertise to improve customer experiences and engagement.
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