VIA Industrial Ultra-Narrow LCD


Screen quality is a critical issue to digital electronic signage. No matter a single-screen electronic signboard or a large multi-screen TV wall, VIA provides a wide variety of LCD panels which have high-quality brightness, industrial grade, and ultra-narrow frame, with a view to meet the needs of indoor or outdoor environment. Thus ensuring a rich visual experience.

Eye Catching Effect

Not all LCD panels are exactly the same. For digital electronic signage, the most important parameter to LCD panel is brightness. That is, the luminous intensity per unit area (cd / m2). The higher luminosity represents the brighter the display, It can be easier to see contents under the sun or in a relatively strong light environment. Moreover, indoor and outdoor installations require different brightness, to ensure that viewers can experience the most abundant image effects.

Full Indoor 

As for the indoor environment, Brightness level of 700 nits LCD panel is a standard panel, as to ensure the best brightness of the screen, and to maintain long-distance viewing image quality. VIA selects the highest grade 700 nits LCD panel to ensure the best visual experience. While other vendors provide LCD screens ranging from 400 to 500 nits. 

Semi – Outdoor

Semi-outdoor environment, is known as the environment with shadow. This environment requires a brightness level of 1000 – 1200 nits of LCD panel, in order to achieve the best visual effects. VIA offers a wide range of sizes of 1200 nits which is industrial grade and ultra-narrow border. VIA can design absorbing digital solution for our customers easily.

Full Outdoor

If exposed to the sun directly, the need for highest brightness level is to maintain the best visual effects within the environment. So panel with 2000 nits or more above, VIA’s panels are outstanding. Even in direct sunlight, our panels can still maintain the readability of image, having the same visual effects regardless of any distance.
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