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顧客能夠利用威盛的技術經驗及業內領先服務,在不同的環境中打造完美的電視牆解決方案。全面集成的威盛電視牆MW系列控制器,提供最佳效能及可靠性,支援各種管理軟體,包括威盛MaxWall顯示器管理軟體及威盛MagicView® 內容管理軟體,客戶能夠利用合工業級超窄邊框LCD顯示器,以創新的方式打造獨一無二視覺體驗,以吸引大眾目光。

VIA Digital Signage

With the ability to deliver relevant messaging to a finely-targeted audience and provide interactive experiences.

VIA Video Wall

Providing stunning visual centerpieces including retail, entertainment, hospitality, transportation.

VIA Monitoring Wall

Supporting the ability to visualize big data and engage with multiple video sources and PC applications in real-time.

VIA Kiosk

A multi-functional digital platform that allows people can quickly get the information they need.

VIA Interaction

A link-based software designed for the interaction between VIA TV wall / digital signage and smart tablet phones

VIA Multimedia Player

VIA Video Wall Controllers allow users to easily configure displays, design layouts, and manage content playback.

VIA Smart Cities