VIA Interactive Experience

Customized Marketing

VIA Interactive Content App (APP) is a link-based software designed for the interaction between VIA TV wall / digital signage and smart tablet phones, providing customized entertainment interactive content for all kinds of activities, especially marketing, advertising and public relations.

One-stop Service

We can customize APP content design with a variety of topics. It can be used in wedding banquets, advertising PRs, department store marketing or other kinds of activities.

Key Features of VIA APP Interaction

  • Can be connected with VIA display platforms:electronic kanban, rules and Puzzle video wall
  • Suitable for Android or iOS phone or tablet
  • Support multiple people at the same time
  • Provide customized content design
  • Help retailers offer discount coupons or ads and other messages, sending to user’s mobile device
  • Functions connect user community punch and sharing function

MagicView Memo

  • Support handwriting message:Strokes / Color / Eraser
  • Support synthesis to FB fan page
  • Customizing background / Balloon
  • Support authentication protocol

Mobile Experience

  • Download App
  • Multiplayer gaming
  • Video Wall Connection

Instant Image Synthesis

  • Augmented Reality experience

Smart Audience Sensor

  • Customer watching detection
  • Big data collection
  • Datamation and digitization

VIA AirTalk™

With the ability to directly engage with customers through their smart phones the moment they enter an establishment, VIA AirTalk™ enhances customer interaction beyond signage, by delivering special offers and promotions, product information, interactive games, social media sharing, wayfinding, and other personalized services – all based on an individual preferences.
VIA Smart Cities