VIA Monitoring TV Wall

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Whether it is for broadcast, data monitoring, public and emergency services, surveillance and security, or intelligent traffic systems, control room video walls allow workers to quickly process large amounts of data and facilitate collaboration to make real-time decisions in order to ensure smooth operations.
VIA MW Series Video Wall Controllers provide the ability to quickly visualize big data and engage with multiple video sources and PC applications in real-time to ensure effective decision making. VIA MW Series Video Wall Controllers combined with VIA MaxWall Display Management software provide high-performance and rock solid reliability to match any requirement.

VIA Video Wall MW Series Controllers

Featuring multiple Full HD video capturing and decoding, VIA Video Wall MW Series Controllers are the perfect solution for large-scale video walls that require 24/7 reliable operation and HD inputs for live streaming, sporting events, control room, surveillance, and other government and educational applications.

VIA MaxWall

VIA MaxWall is a high-performance, high-quality multi-screen display management software which offers customized features for use in a variety of public safety, fire, electricity, traffic management, public utilities, telecommunications, health care, education, and government control room applications.
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