LCD Video Wall

Our Strength

VIA LCD video wall is not limited by “any” splicing type of screen synchronization, extension, it also supports unlimited number of extending splicing, arbitrary combination of pictures and easy management of the media platform

Hardware & Software

Marketing Media

Interactive Creation

“Dynamic” can empower your space with specialty and uniqueness

Have impression with ads

Watch ads on video wall

More eye-catching

More unique and attractive

62% of the customer remember having seen ads on the digital signs in the past 12 months.

44% of respondents said they pay “some” or “a lot of” attention to ads running on digital signs.

63% of all the media mentioned, digital signage was dubbed the most eye-catching at 63%.

Digital signage was also considered the most unique medium (58%), the most interesting (53%) and offered the second-most entertaining.

Product Features

Ultra Thin Bezel

Seamless experience, meet all kinds of demand

Industrial Grade

 Can adapt to various environments

High Quality

 Support 4K ultra-high resolution

Puzzle Wall

 With diversified splicing, flexible layout

  Syntrend Creative Park

  MOST Science Corridor

  AI Group

  Yonglin Foundation

VIA Smart Cities