Successful Cases

VIA provides one-stop solutions, from planning to installation to ensure customers get the best quality.

Creating thousands of Cases

VIA has been aggressively expanding its video wall business these years. Contributing more than $ 100 million, VIA has a great deal of design capabilities with digital signage, while we have numerous success stories in every industry. Furthermore, VIA has adapted into other industrial applications, providing more intelligent applications. This means that VIA will further achieve smart city in the future.

Monitoring Room

Control rooms and operation centers are mission critical environments where workers need to be able to quickly process large amounts of data, collaborate and make real-time decisions in order to ensure smooth operations.

Corporate Communication

From the foyer to boardroom, effective communication is vital to a company’s success. An effective digital signage network can enable communication between multiple departments and deliver important information.


Today’s consumers demand more from entertainment experiences. Digital signage has the power to transform interactions with customers, adding excitement to captivate audiences up close or from a distance.

Catering Services

Digital signage is quickly becoming a standard fixture in restaurants and bars. The increasing use of digital menu boards allows for quick and efficient updates along with day parting to target specific menus and specials based on the proper time.


With eye-catching visuals and dynamic messages, digital signage offers new design possibilities that will perfectly complement your products and store architecture to change a regular store visit into a dynamic shopping experience. 


Transportation hubs are bustling centers where the delivery of up-to-the-minute information is critical to smoothly process the flow of passengers. Digital signage has been prevalent in the transportation industry for years.

Museums and Exhibition

Customer satisfaction is the backbone of the hospitality industry. Providing guests with the smoothest experience possible especially within those first few minutes upon arrival is pivotal in driving return stays.

VIA Smart Cities