Corporate Communication

Digital Signage that Really Speaks

From the foyer to boardroom, effective communication is vital to a company’s success. An effective digital signage network can enable communication between multiple departments and deliver important information, updates, safety information, branding, news, and employee recognition to build a strong corporate environment. Corporate digital signage is also a great way to strengthen brand perception and provide relevant information to any visitors. In the boardroom, multi-screen video walls enhance presentations and facilitate understanding and communication of the ideas amongst a larger group allowing participants to maximize their time.

Key Benefits

  • Welcome messages in reception for brand identity and reinforcement
  • Share information about company events, conferences, training sessions, achievements and other internal activities to increase employee engagement, morale and participation in company initiatives
  • Effectively communicate relevant information across departments
  • Broadcasting emergency information for incident management
  • Share messages that reinforce brand standards and introduce products or processes
  • Create dynamic boardrooms to engage audiences and stimulate ideas

VIA Solutions

VIA provides a comprehensive array of VIA Video Wall controllers and media players to build the backbone of an effective corporate communications network.

VIA Video Walls     

  • Create large scale architectural walls to greet visitors and enhance the company brand in the foyer or deploy multi-screen video wall solutions with VIA Video Wall DS Series Controllers.

Digital Signboards  

  • VIA Windows and Android-based media players are ideal to power networked digital signboards to share real-time information with employees in strategic areas around the office.

VIA Digital Signage Software 

  • VIA Digital Signage Software solutions make dynamic layout design and content management easy with our drag-and-drop user-friendly platforms.
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