Indulge the Senses

Today’s consumers demand more from their entertainment experiences. Digital signage has the power to transform interactions with customers, adding excitement to captivate audiences up close or from a distance. Digital signage in movie theaters, museums, stadiums, theme parks and other entertainment venues provides a powerful way to greet guests, direct people to ticket booths and restaurants, promote your attractions products, and encourage patrons to get involved with promoted activities through multi-touch interactive content.

Key Benefits

  • Promote special offers, upcoming events, restaurants and merchandise
  • Entertain with live Internet streaming of sports, concerts, news, weather and video
  • Build the crowd’s excitement with vivid, true-to-life color high-quality images and videos
  • Enhance wayfinding through interactive maps or visual direction guides
  • Movie trailers previews for return visits
  • Increase revenue through advertising sales
  • Lower both perceived and actual waiting times at counters and lines

VIA Solutions

VIA offers a wide selection of VIA Video Wall controllers and media players to power a wealth of digital signage solutions to enhance customer experiences.

VIA Video Walls     

  • VIA Video Wall DS Sereis Controllers for video walls, digital menu boards and eye-catching architectural walls are ideal to build larger scale captivating displays to engage visitors.

Digital Signboards  

  • Digital Signboards powered by VIA Windows or Android-based media players provide eye catching interactive touch points to engage customers and share information such as event news, product guides, wayfinding or current promotions.

VIA Digital Signage Software 

  • VIA Digital Signage Software solutions make dynamic layout design and content management easy with our drag-and-drop user-friendly platforms.
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