Monitoring Room

Visualize Big Data the Easy Way

Control rooms and operation centers are mission critical environments where workers need to be able to quickly process large amounts of data, collaborate and make real-time decisions in order to ensure smooth operations. Control room video walls provide the ability to visualize big data and engage with multiple video sources and PC applications in real-time to facilitate effective decision-making. Whether it is for broadcast, data monitoring, public and emergency services, surveillance and security or intelligent traffic systems, high-performance and rock solid reliability are the backbone to a well-functioning environment.


Key Benefits

  • Visualize big data to make real-time decisions faster
  • Display high-quality video and information feeds
  • Integrate, control and process data from multiple sources
  • Improve collaboration and workflow
  • 24/7 reliability
  • Effectively monitor IP camera security networks

VIA Solutions

  • Create the perfect video wall solution to match your needs with VIA Video Wall control room solutions.

VIA Video Wall Control Room Solutions     

  • Featuring multiple Full HD video capturing and decoding, VIA Video Wall MW Series Controllers are the perfect solution for large-scale control room video walls that require 24/7 reliable operation.

VIA Digital Signage Software  

  • VIA Digital Signage Software solutions, including VIA MaxWall, make displaying real-time data from multiple sources a breeze with pixel-by-pixel scaling without image quality loss for accurate monitoring.
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