Museums and Exhibition

Enjoy the Best Auditory and Visual Experience

Having a comprehensive audiovisual experience is now an eminent factor for visitors when taking an excursion to a museum; not in terms of just providing a normal exhibition, but to outstanding multimedia, content design and story packaging. This means that these exhibition venues can be utilized with video walls and digital signage as a medium of visual communication due to stimulate the public senses. Similarly, we aim to derive the audience to envisage more by using vivid digital dynamic images which interpret the information of arts and ideas. In addition, our Multimedia Voice Guided Tour not only provides effective tour guide and venues guidance service, but also push the power of interaction within, such as extending reading or shopping. As a result, VIA creates a rich exhibition experience.

Key Benefits

  • Presentation of digital vision, exhibits and scenes
  • Promotion of activities in the museum
  • Interactive map and visual guidance, increasing route navigation
  • Extend the tour topic
  • Simple, user-friendly background management and operation interface

VIA Solutions

VIA provides a comprehensive array of VIA Video Wall controllers and media players to build the backbone of an effective corporate communications network.
VIA Video Walls     
  • Create large scale architectural walls to greet visitors and enhance the company brand in the foyer or deploy multi-screen video wall solutions with VIA Video Wall DS Series Controllers.
Digital Signboards  
  • VIA Windows and Android-based media players are ideal to power networked digital signboards to share real-time information with employees in strategic areas around the office.
VIA Digital Signage Software 
  • VIA Digital Signage Software solutions make dynamic layout design and content management easy with our drag-and-drop user-friendly platforms.
VIA Smart Cities