Real-Time Information for Smooth Sailing

Transportation hubs are bustling centers where the delivery of up-to-the-minute information is critical to smoothly process the flow of passengers. Digital signage has been prevalent in the transportation industry for years, helping to improve communications with visitors while alleviating perceived wait times, enhance wayfinding, engage customers with news, weather and emergency broadcasts, and show branded advertising which allows the provider to communicate quickly and efficiently to enhance travel experiences. With the advances in interactive signage as well as GPS, providers are finding ever more ways to enhance travel experiences and deploy signage in more venues including onboard buses and inside taxis.

Key Benefits

  • Wayfinding and location directions
  • Arrival / departure scheduling information
  • Service status and announcements
  • Emergency / evacuation & security information
  • Self-check-ins and ticket purchasing
  • Advertising, news and weather information

VIA Solutions

VIA provides a number of flexible VIA Video Wall controllers and media players to power a wide range of transportation signage needs.

VIA Video Walls     

  • Create large scale architectural walls to greet visitors and enhance the company brand in the foyer or deploy multi-screen video wall solutions with VIA Video Wall DS Series Controllers.

Digital Signboards  

  • Enhance product promotions and enliven the retail experience throughout the store with digital signboards powered by VIA Windows and Android-based media players.

VIA Digital Signage Software 

VIA Smart Cities